It all began the day I was next to this very handsome man and his skin felt softer than mine. That was many years ago. I never forgot that incident, and needless to say, I did some research and it never happened again…

We are all so conscious of our skin during the summer months. We show so much of it during those few warm and wonderful days. We slather it with moisturizer, protect it with sunscreen, even stay out of the sun and use self-tanners to keep it from aging. But is it enough in the long run, if we ignore our skin during the winter months?

The weather, be it up north or down south, is much drier during the winter months. Although we complain about the humidity during the summer, it is actually good for our skin. During the winter, the little humidity left in the air, is depleted by heating. We go outside on sunny winter days and forget to apply sunscreen. We leave our hands exposed to the cold and wind, than suffer with dry, chapped skin. We take very hot showers without thinking of the consequences. To be quite honest, not many of us think much about the skin if we know we are not going to show it.

Here are some simple solutions to help your skin stay young, soft and beautiful.
Begin with a natural or nylon loofah mitts – I love those…. Add some mild soap and lean your body while eliminating the dead skin cells both at the same time. Be cautious not to use deodorizing soaps and soaps containing alcohol as they tend to dry the skin
Body scrubs are also a great choice. They may contain loofah bits, Jojoba beads, microdermabrasion crystals, and even ground marble. Whichever you choose, make certain that it is not too harsh for your skin. More isn’t always better. If you choose the wrong product or scrub too hard, you may scratch your skin.

Rinse your body with warm water. Never use very hot water. It will dry the skin.
Now that you have eliminated the dead cells, your skin is warm and the pores are open, now is the time to apply butters, oils and lotions.

My favorite trick is to apply a few drops of oil all over the body while it is still slightly damp, pat dry with a soft towel and you are good to go.

Body butters or creams can be applied while you are damp. However, lotions should be applied once your skin is completely dry.

There you have it…… with very little time and effort you can have summer soft skin all year round, and you don’’t have to worry about your man having softer skin than you.