Medical Tattoos – Post Mastectomy, Scar Camouflage, Tattoo for Alopecia

Photographs of medical permanent cosmetic procedures including; permanent areola pigmentation; scalp hair simulation with permanent tattoo, permanent makeup camouflage for scar revision, Permanent makeup for Vitiligo and Alopecia patients… are posted for viewing exclusively by doctors, post mastectomy patients, post surgery patients, and people looking to permanent makeup for a color solution to improve their appearance. MTF and FTM permanent cosmetics are not posted.

All pictures of permanent makeup of areolas are of post mastectomy patients and patients who have undergone breast surgery.

My patients and I wish to share the paramedical permanent cosmetic photographs with patients who may have gone through mastectomy and breast reconstruction. Areola and MTF and FTM procedures are done at doctors offices only.

Thank You for visiting our web-site. Please do not hesitate to email us any questions you may have regarding permanent cosmetic procedures for medical reasons..

Post mastectomy photographs and photographs of breast augmentation are strictly for the viewing of doctors and patients. To view these pages it is mandatory that you be over the age of 18.


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