I have always been fascinated by “folk medicine,” yet, like most people, I thought that some of the remedies sounded too silly to even consider using them in my life. However, as more and more research is done, and more and more scientists and medical professionals begin to take natural remedies seriously, I, too, am beginning to wonder if perhaps the remedies are not as silly as we thought…

Recently I had an opportunity to speak with a delightful young lady from Panama. It was amazing to hear the wealth of knowledge she had acquired from her great-grandmother. Having a curious nature and a love for learning, I was grateful that Irene felt comfortable enough to share her knowledge with me.

We discussed cures for headaches and heartaches, bruises and stomach ailments. However, none were as intriguing as her great-grandmother’s cure for hair loss.

Irene told me how several years ago, her hair began thinning and falling out and her great-grandmother came to the rescue. She proceeded to describe the concoction she applied to her scalp several times a week… As absurd as the concoction sounded, it seems to have worked for her. Irene does have a gorgeous head of hair!

The recipe for thicker hair may sound outrageous and smelly, nevertheless, for those of you who are willing to try everything and regrow hair “at any cost”, here goes:

Incidentally, those of you from the “Old Country” or with parents and grandparents from Europe, you may have an easier time creating this concoction, as the base ingredient is schmaltz (chicken fat), without the ‘grievalech’.

You will need:
·1 Skin and fat from one chicken, cut up into one inch pieces and place in a deep frying pan. Turn on the stove and begin melting the fat.
·2 Add 2 small packets of bay leaves to the pan.
·3 Remove the skin from one head of garlic and cloves and add to the pan.

Cook everything for approximately 40 minutes on low heat. Strain. Allow to cool. Place in the refrigerator. When ready to apply, use a tablespoon or two, (refrigerate leftover), massage into the scalp, cover with a plastic cap, and leave on for as long as possible, from one hour to half a day. shampoo. Rinse with rosemary infused water.

Ok… There you have it! I can’t promise that ‘It’ will make your hair grow. I am quite sure ‘It’ won’t hurt it, and if you don’t eat ‘It’, you won’t gain weight from it.

By the way, if you doubt the concoction works, just think, did you ever see a bald chicken?