For many men and women the subject of hair and hair removal has taken on new meaning. Some want to implant hair where none exist, while others want to remove them all.

For centuries, women have tweezed, waxed, and threaded hair off their faces. Razors, creams and electrolysis came next for removing hair from the entire body. Now, for best results, laser hair removal is the newest technique. But, hair removal for whom? And, removed from where? And, why?

While listening to a group of well informed, young ladies discuss laser hair removal, I began taking mental notes of their comments for my next article. ‘Of course I would need to do some more informed and practical research on my own before anything was to be printed’ I thought. However, once they began to discuss hair removal for men, the topic I had planned for the next column completely changed and I became more attentive. To my surprise the column was becoming more and more interesting.

My ears perked up when one young lady mentioned that she had laser hair removal done on every inch of her body, and so did her husband. Aside from the hair on their heads, the couple is now totally hairless, and she loves it. Many of the other women agreed with her. They like hairless men. Which brings me to this article and my dilemma. Have the times changed so much that both men and women must be hairless? Do we really want men and women to have baby soft skin? I remember a time when women liked rugged men with hair on their bodies. Some liked a little more hair, some liked a little less, but until recently I had not heard of ‘totally hairless men’ as a prerequisite for some women to date them (according to one young lady)

Now that my curiosity had peaked, knowing that my own preferences may be slightly different from some women, I would like to conduct a small, unscientific and totally confidential survey on this subject. I would love to hear from each and every one of you as to your preference on “hairy or hairless” men. Who are the men and women amongst us who prefer hair, and who are those that don’t?

Ladies, when responding, please state your age, and preference “hairy” “slightly hairy” or “hairless.” Gentlemen, please let me know if you are hairy or hairless, how you feel about this subject, and what does your partner think. Do email me at Thanks.

For now I would like to leave you with one thought. Hair preferences is a very personal issue, and what you assume your partner’s preference is, may not be so. My advice is that you ask. The reply may surprise you.

The results of the survey will be published in a future issue of Promise Magazine.