Your Artwork

Your Artwork

Wanted to thank you again for your  incredible care and wonderful pride in
your work  –  for which all your clients are the recipients! I am so
happy I am one of them!


Thank you Ester for the wonderful job you did with my permanent makeup you are truly the best

Moved to WPB one year ago and had been surfing the internet for some who does permanent cosmetics with a good reputation I had gotten permanent eyebrows and eyeliner in the past and the end results were horrible,so I found permanent make up by Eskala and was so impressed with her background I called and scheduled a consultation I was so impressed by her professionalism it was beyond words,and she took the time to explain to me how she could correct this horrible mess that someone else had done to me,she is caring and patient,and a true artist.after explaing everything the procedures to me she completed the eyebrows and eyeliner and it was beyond belief I could not hardly believe the results I looked amazing and for me I know felt good about myself instead of feeling embarrassed of how I looked before,there are no words to explain how great this lady truly is but I know I will be a permanent customer forever,thank you so much Ester for taking the time and guiding me along this amazing journey you were the greatest at what you do and will highly recommend you to everyone thank you so very much.

Linda Collins


Permanent makeup perfection is the only way I can describe the work done by Esther. I had no eyebrow hair, now people can\’t believe that my brows are not real hair. My thanks to Esther for giving me my face back. Judy, North Miami Beach, FL

Judy on Superpages

I love my look and my life

Cheap permanent makeup becomes expensive. Thank goodness that I was fortunate enough to find Esther to correct my cheap permanent cosmetics. Now, I love my look and my life.


Congratulations on achieving excellence

April Kelly told us about you. Your work for her is excellent and I liked what I saw on your website. Congratulations on achieving excellence.

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS
Author, Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon

Robert Kotler, MD, FACS

Keep up the great work!!

I wanted to thank you again and I want you to know how pleased I am to have met you.
You are truly a wonderful, caring person, a rarity I might add!

Your artistic talent in micropibmentation has brought the closure I needed. I find it amazing how your tattoos erase the visual trauma from scaring.

Saying thank you hardly seems to be enough. I will highly recommend you and your talent to anyone that I encounter in need of you artistic services.

Keep up the great work!!


I was finally able to look at myself

I don’t know where you found this treasure called Esther, but she has changed my life in more ways than I can say. I had breast reconstruction following my mastectomy surgery.
I must say that only after Esther created the most natural looking nipples and areolas with her permanent makeup tattoo, that
I was finally able to look at myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you Esther for your talent and your compassion.
Janie Lee. New York. N.Y.

Janie Lee

Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much. I have wanted permanent makeup for years, but was too afraid to go ahead until I met you. You made me feel so comfortable, and somehow I just knew that you would do a great job creating my permanent eyeliner. I remember the first time my husband came with me. I must tell you how impressed he was. You were very professional, immaculate, and artistic. Two years after you applied the permanent eyeliner I am still getting compliments on my eyes. They look great. Aside from doing a fab job on my eyes, I really enjoy seeing you.
Thanks again – Barbara L.

Barbara L.

Thank you is not enough

To Esther from my heart to you.
Thank you is not enough. You have changed my appearance and my life with permanent eyeliner and permanent brows. Having no eyebrows or lashes took my face away….YOU gave my face back to me. I would recommend you to anyone who needs permanent makeup even if they may need to travel thousands of miles to get to you, you are worth it. I love you for what you have done for me.
Mike, Omaha, Nebraska

Mike in Omaha


I have reviewed Esther\’s medical tattooing / permanent makeup for disfiguring medical conditions. As a medical and surgical dermatologist, I have studied her clinical results (documented with photos) and they are impressive.

I have referred patients to her. She is honest, trustworthy and professional.

I recommend her highly.

Robin C. Billick, MD
Internal Medicine & Dermatology
Chief of Dermatology, JIG
Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University

Robin C. Billick, MD

I love the way I look

Thank you for my gorgeous permanent eyebrows. I had my brows done by someone else and they faded into an orange color. When I came to you I thought you would just correct the
color of my brows, but, you also reshaped the brows. You didn’t follow the old outline and gave me a brand new, modern gorgeous brow. Thank you. I know you come to Montreal, I am
just glad I didn’t wait. My trip to Florida was tremendously enhanced by seeing you. I love my brows, I love the way I look. Thanks again,
Love – Esti N

Esti N.

You are the best!!!

Esther you are the best!!!
I was so afraid of having permanent eyebrows done. In fact, scared to death, I had heard horror stories about permanent makeup. Anyway, one day I walked into my nail salon and one lady had her permanent eyeliner done, another permanent lipstick. What was going on??? It was the “Miracle Worker” Esther. I was definitely the perfect candidate for permanent eyebrows – I hardly had any, and what I did have was not too great. I couldn’t get my brows on straight to save myself. You did fabulous permanent brows. After 1 1/2 years, my brows haven’t faded and look natural. I LOOK GREAT!!!
Thank you so much Barbara G

Barbara G.

Esther is a true pro

Esther is a true pro, working only with the best plastic surgeons and beauty centers in Florida and Canada. The quality of her permanent makeup work is visible on the hundreds of satisfied clients. I recommend her strongly.

Tarzan427 on Yellow Pages

You truly are an artist

Dear Esther.
You have changed my life with your talent in permanent makeup. I am no longer rushed in the morning. I am ready in 5 minutes thanks to you. My eyebrows and eyeliner are absolutely beautiful, and the compliments keep on coming (which doesn\’t hurt either). You truly are an artist. I am so grateful to you.
Thank you! –
Alie D –

Alie D

God Bless you for the work you do

Dear Esther.
Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate what your permanent makeup artistry has done for me. After you corrected my messed up permanent brows and eyeliner (that someone else did), I was confident that you can do a wonderful job on my uneven lips. It has been two years since I saw you and your permanent makeup still looks great. Even my husband (the skeptic) admits that I look great and much younger.
Thank you, and God Bless you for the work you do.
Sincerely, – Susan L.

Susan L.

Thank you again for changing my life

Thank you for your special talent in respect to “Implants of pigment in the scalp.” Your specialty has changed my life in regards to not having to place colored hair spray onto my scalp, not having to worry about rainy days, when I perspire during sports events, or our hot summer days in Florida, thus colored hair spray washes out very easily once the scalp gets wet.
Thank you again for changing my life and I would strongly recommend your “hair simulation” method
200% to anyone whose hair is thinning;
Sincerely, MM


I felt better than I had felt in the past 10 years

After having approximately 20 surgeries on my eyes to reduce bulging, Esther was the magic permanent makeup artist that made my eyes look normal again. I cried after I saw her work on me. I felt much better about myself, actually, better than I had felt in the past 10 years.
Thank you – Stella – Lake George, NY


You’re an Angel

You’re an Angel. A great job done. Your permanent makeup has saved me a lot of time
Erica – Hampton’s


The best permanent makeup procedure I have ever seen

Dear Esther
While having my laser eye surgery, you and I got an incredible compliment. The doctor could not get over the permanent eyeliner you did. His exact words were “this is the best permanent makeup procedure I have ever seen.” I agree with the doctor. Thank you.
Love – Michelle T. – Hollywood, CA

Michelle T.

My heartfelt thanks to you all

A 5 Star rating is the least of what I can give the people at Eskala. They have accomplished the most incredible results in fixing my post mastectomy scars using skin camouflage technique. I feel normal again. My heartfelt thanks to you all.

Robyn Dunn on YP

Made my eyes look terrific

To whom it may concern,
I am thankful I met Esther and had permanent eyeliner done. She made my problem eyes look terrific.
ESTELLE – The Hampton s


I will never forget you

I can only add thank you very much, with your permanent makeup artistry you have made my life so much easier, I look natural when I go on photo shoots,…….. and the job offers just keep on coming ,
I will never forget you.
Dana J, Los Angeles, CA

Dana J.

Ms. Steinberg is a true professional artist

Ms. Steinberg is a true professional permanent cosmetic artist, she has fixed the scar on my lower lip and made my face perfect again.

bridgesallan on YP

100 stars would be more appropriate

Alopecia is a terrible disease that attacks your body and your spirit. Thanks to Faces by Eskala I now have both of them back. 100 stars would be more appropiate. Thank you Eskala.
Review by krisgardner887

krisgardner887 on Kudzu

Esther is a professional

Esther is a professional. She is kind and caring. She meticulously placed permanent eyeliner in the delicate area of my eyes. We both agreed that less is more. The liner tattoo has enhanced the look of my eyes. Everyone loves it.
Don\’t worry about the permanent makeup application pain . Esther has a very soft touch, and she uses plenty of topical anesthetic.
This was a great experience, and I highly recommend Esther if you are looking for a permanent makeup artist!

Linda J. on Yelp

She is a true artist

I came across Esther’s work at Dr. Rosenbaum’s office. Unbelievable! She is a true artist who makes permanent eyebrows look like they have hair even when they have none. I recommend her highly. Thank you Esther. Gladys

Gladys on Google

A true professional

Esther is a professional, her work is visible on hundreds of satisfied clients and, judging by the many testimonials visible online, she is an authority on permanent makeup.

risacovi on Superpages

I owe it all to Esther

As a victim of alopecia, I have suffered for years, unable to convey expressions on my face. I felt awkward and was miserable. Now I finally have the ability to frown or smile. I owe it all to Esther and her staff.

murrayeldon on Super Pages

Thank you

Esther repaired my uneven and discolored lips. They finally look normal. It has changed my attitude and improved my quality of life.

ChristyBalogh on Yellow Pages

My Confidence is Back

Permanent scars are no longer impossible to live with. Faces by Eskala fixed my botched surgery scars and now I am happy again, my confidence is back and I have Esther to thank, she is unique.

dreama P. on City Search

Best Service

I was glad to see that Faces by Eskala had moved to the new location. This is the best service there is. The lady had done work on a niece of mine after her breast cancer operation….

Jennifer L. on City Search

She performed a miracle on my face

Faces by Eskala in Aventura, performs a one of a kind service, pemanent make up for people that have scars from surgeries. The lady there has performed a miracle on my face. She has taken away years from my face and made me look normal again….

lisagustafson808 on Super Pages

About my hair

No one likes a woman that has thinning hair, I tried everything without results. Sprays, gels and even wigs. Nothing felt or looked good. Now after my treatment at Faces by EsKala, My hair looks normal, I can smile again and go on with my life. Thank You.

Claudia M on Insider Pages

The best work ever

Faces by Eskala are true artists. It is by far the best work I have ever seen. Now I look 20 years younger, I needed it badly. Thank you.

Maria R. on Insider Pages

True Expert

The lady at Faces by EsKala did my mother’s face after she had surgery. The results were fantastic, no one can tell there once were scars on her face. Thank you, you are a true expert.

Anthony G. on City Search

Best Work Ever

Thank you for the masterpiece you created.
I look 10 years younger and my face is symmetric now.

Josie L.

Thank you

I cannot thank you enough for what you did. You are without a doubt an outstanding person. If there is anything I can do for you, you can count on me.

Thank you,
Mayra L., Miami

Mayra L. in Miami

Five stars from me

Very Special Gift
Esther has been rebuilding lives. The quality of her work is such that scars dissapear, smiles return to people faces, and her work is permanent. Five stars from me on all accounts.

MG1956 on Kudzu

My perfect eyebrows

All I can say is thank you so much for my now perfect permanent eyebrows. You took what someone messed up and made me perfect (actually better than I ever looked)
I’ll always be indebted to you. Thanks Again
Harriet, Montreal, QC


Groin Scar

One word – “Superb”. You are a true craftsperson. Thank you for making my scar even more beautiful.

Derek from Montreal

Eyeliner Tattoo

Very professional and friendly. My eyes look better than ever. Thank you!

Sara in Montreal

Eyeliner and Eyebrow Tattoo (corrections)

Esther is highly professional, artistic and the service was just what I wanted.

Gayle W. in Vermont

Fabulous Work

I needed your help since my surgery left me disfigured,
I am so glad you were able to restore my looks.
Now I no longer feel incomplete, Thank you

Mary in Miami

You are incredible

Esther no one comes even close to you, you are the best.
I am a new person since you worked on me. Thank you so much for giving me a new lease on life.

B. Fine

Thanks Esther

My deepest respect goes to you for the incredible work you performed on my daughter.
Thank you so much for giving her the confidence she so much needed.


Happy I did it!

I was very scared to get permanent makeup but I am so HAPPY I did it. This is because I found a real expert, a true professional who knows her craft. Ester did an amazing job. She did my eyebrows and upper liner. The results have been life changing. Everywhere I go people tell me they love my eyebrows and ask me where I do them even my family loves my new eyebrows.The upper lid can not be seen from far because I asked Ester to do it very thin just to fill between the lashes and Ester did exactly what I wanted. The same day I had the procedure done I saw my boyfriend and he told me I looked beautiful! Ever since then hes been telling me how beautiful I am and seems more in love with me than ever. Having my eyebrows done has dramatically enhanced my face. This is the best thing I have done for myself and worth every penny. I HIGHLY recommend Ester, she is the BEST.I am bringing my mom to her so she can do her eyebrows too ( she loves them!). I will never forget the first time I met Ester, I told her I wanted to just fill in some bald spots of my brows and wanted them to look nice and Ester responded ” Ok, there is a difference between nice eye browns and WOW eye brows, I do WOW eye brows. What do you want? I responded that I wanted WOW eyebrows laughing not thinking she meant this. Ester really gave me WOW eyebrows she was not kidding. Not only do I see this but EVERYONE tells me WOW! I love your eyebrows where do you go to get them done?


Very professional work

I am very impressed by the level of experience shown by the staff at Faces by Eskala.
The quality work done by them is comparable to having a major facial procedure, and all at a fraction of the cost.
I look great and that is something I hear everyday now.
Thank you

Jean Stearman

One fantastic idea

Whoever thought of permanent make up had a fantastic idea. For me it is a life saver. Since I had it done I need only a few minutes to prepare for work, even if I was out late the night before.
For the cost it is a fantastic alternative.

Giovanna Mercer

Fantastic Work

Having permenant make up done has been one of the wisest decisions I ever made.
It has simplified my life and gotten me to be on time every morning to work.
Before I needed almost one hour to look my best, now I do it in a few minutes and look fresh and radiant.
Well worth the money.

Mary Middler

I can smile again

Living with Alopecia is very stressful. Aside of looking different, you lack expression in your face. People feel uncomfortable talking to you and it leads to low self esteem. After consulting with Esther, I realized that there was hope for me after all. She worked on me for a few hours and literally got me a new face. Now my face has expression, people look at me when talking to me and I feel that there is hope for improvement.
It would not have been possible without the incredible work Esther did for me. Thank you very much.

Joseph M.

Excellent Job

I was very excited, but so scared of the pain that I thought would be involved. To my surprise it didn’t hurt .  As a matter of fact, the eyeliner really tickled.

Montreal, QC


Thank you

After my surgery, I needed to restore my appearance, I thought it would be impossible. The staff at Faces by EsKala explained to me what could be done and what could not. I saw many photographs of actual patients, before and after, and decided it was well worth it.
I am glad I did. In a few hours My scars were greatly diminished and my confidence returned.
Thank you for the excellent work.

Mercides Salazar

Great work

Since my childhood the expression on my face made me look older and serious. I never thought that there was anything I could do about it.
After a few hours of work, my lips now are well defined, I look 10 years younger and look happy. Comments from people that have known me for years are the best proof I have that I made the right decision.
Thanks Esther for a great job.

Esther Fineman

You have a gift, Esther

My daughter just came from an hour long cranial massage, and the therapist called me to ask who applied her tattooed eyebrows. She stared at Rachel’s face for an hour and could not believe how natural her eyebrows looked! She said she has seen some horrible ones and would not have known they were tattooed on if I didn’t tell her! You can’t get any better than that!!! She wanted the name and contact info “of the person with the amazing gift!” Esther, you are a rarity who would do what you do for free if money were not a necessity. The joy you bring to others is without measure! While some people come to you purely for aesthetics, many come for so much more–a change of attitude, a feeling of belonging, a rebirth. I am so pleased to know you and wish you all the happiness you graciously give to others. God bless you. (And yes, my eyeliner makes me feel pretty as soon as I awake–the time you have saved me in getting ready is substantial–because of you I am more productive and therefore happier.)

Carolyn and Rachel

Well worth it!!

After reading a few testimonials I need to add a few things: yes, Esther is worth every penny. Yes, Esther is worth the drive no matter where in Florida you live. Yes, I wish I had gone to her sooner. Yes, she really does care as much as everyone says. No, the pain is not an issue.



When I first decided to get my permanent make-up I was looking for an expert. I had heard so many horror stories about permanent makeup-gone-wrong and wanted to make sure that did not happen to me. After weeks of research I stumbled upon Esther at Faces by EsKala. I had been wanting to get my eyebrows tattooed for quite a while because I had a large scar for 15 years on my left eyebrow which I was self-conscious about. I tried to fill it in with make-up but no matter what I did it just never looked natural. I went in for a consultation with Esther and immediately felt comfortable I had made the right choice to come to her. She examined my facial structure and eyebrows for almost an hour before giving me her professional opinion. She answered my questions confidently. I was very nervous about the pain of the procedure but Esther kept me calm by assuring me it will be next to painless. She was right, her technique really made the whole procedure PAINLESS. She was very gentle and took her time. She was also sociable which made the time pass by quickly. The results were phenomenal!! She is an incredible artist and gave me back the confidence I had 15 years ago. My eyebrows look fantastic and so natural, I am overwhelmed with gratitude! I highly recommend Esther for her technique which she created over years of experience which gave me the results I was hoping for, and more!



Esther, thank you very much for your great work with permanent makeup, your patience and dedication to your work. You are a perfectionist and I really appreciate your nice, caring personality. Thanks again I recommend you without reservation.

Sarah S

Absolutely Perfect Permanent Makeup

Esther from Faces by Eskala was extremely confident, knowledgeable, she knew what she was talking about and answered every question about permanent makeup without hesitation. All my fears disappeared and I knew Esther will do a sensational job. She did!!!
I decided to do my eyebrows and eyeliner and was ecstatic. Esther’s permanent makeup was the best investment I ever made. I look great and so natural people don’t even know I have permanent makeup.
I recommend Esther with every confidence. If you have to drive, take the bus, the train or a the plane, do it. I am convinced Esther is the best permanent artist you will ever find.
Esther, bless you and I thank you with all my heart.