I will never forget the day my daughter and her girlfriends were at the house getting ready for an evening out with the boys. Her bed and chairs were covered with stretchy tight little tops, short minis and pants. There were bags, belts and shoes of every color on the floor and dresser. Jewelry, cell phones, cans of coke, along with half-eaten food on plates covered the rest of the room. Let’s not forget the hair sprays, brushes, and makeup everywhere. The five girls all seemed to be talking and laughing at the same time as they were trying on clothes for an evening at South Beach.

         Finally, after hours of passing tops from one to another, helping each other with hair and makeup and 50 telephone calls from their dates, the girls were ready. Each and every one of them was gorgeous and unique. They all looked sensational in their little outfits, and even though they all had their own style, they all had one thing in common – not one of them checked the direction of her bosoms.

         For the benefit of all women who wear slinky, silky, tiny tops, in which the direction of the boobies is clearly visible I implore you to always, always, always, once you are dressed and just before you step out the door, check and adjust the direction of your nipples. For that perfect look, make certain you don’t have one pointing north and the other south, or east west, whatever the case may be.

         It may be a bit bold of me to mention breasts and nipples in a respectable magazine and if it took a little humor to get you to read on, it was well worth it. However, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Awareness for all women be they young or mature. The Third Friday in October is National Mammography Day, on this day, or throughout the month of October, many radiologists provide discounted or free Mammography screening. To learn which facilities in your area are taking part in the event, call: American Cancer Society at 800-227-2345, National Cancer Institute at 800-4-CANCER and Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization 800- 221-2141. In some cases, low cost or free mammography screening is available throughout the year. For more information you may contact Centers for Disease Control at 1-888-842-6355.

         For women who have gone through the trauma of surviving breast cancer, and for those who may fear it, this is the time to take charge of your lives and your bodies. Self examination and Mammography screening are the most effective methods of early detection and cure of breast cancer.

         Working with top medical reconstructive surgeons in the country, I have seen and assisted in creating some of the most beautiful breasts ever. The reconstructive techniques for mastectomies have come a long way. Furthermore, for that finishing touch, medical insurance now provides for nipple and areola tattooing following surgery. Do seek out a well trained permanent makeup artist as this is an advanced procedure.

         This is also the time to reflect and be grateful. Grateful for our lives, and for the medical advances. For those of you questioning ‘what kind of life is there after Breast Cancer?’ Surprisingly, the feedback I get, is that ‘life changes’ and many more times than not I am told it ‘changes for the better.’